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文明礼仪 从我做起 ——南京外国语学校方山分校举行本学期第四周升旗仪式

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清风送爽,阳光和煦。9月23日,南京外国语学校方山分校的全体师生迎来了本学期第四周升旗仪式,活动由小学部二年级(3)班的朱璨同学和高中部高一(4)班的王宇晨同学主持。此次升旗仪式的主题是——文明礼仪从我做 ...


The breeze is cool, the sun is shining. On September 23, all the teachers and students of NFLSFC ushered in the flag-raising ceremony in the fourth week of this semester. The activities were presided by Zhu Can from class 3 grade 2 and Wang Yuchen from class 4 grade 10. The theme of the flag-raising ceremony was civilized etiquette starts from me.


After flag-raising ceremony and singing the national anthem, students from class 3 grade 2 of primary school -- Huo Da and Jiang Xinzi, gave a speech of civilized etiquette starts with the little things around us.Ms. Sun shared a story that also impressed us.



civilized etiquette starts with the little things around us


Dear teachers and students,


Good morning everyone! The topic of our speech today is civilized etiquette starts with the little things around us.


China is an ancient civilization country with five thousand years of splendid culture. Confucius, the great thinker and educator, once said, Without learning the rules of propriety, you will get no footing.Civilized etiquette is the external manifestation of a persons moral character,which can reflect a persons intellectual cultivation and can let people be closer to each other and can make the whole world more harmonious and beautiful!


So, as a primary school student, how can we abide by civilized etiquette? Its simple--we only need to start from the little things around us, and as time goes by, we will regard the words and deeds of civilization as a habit, which is natural and pleasing to the eye.


It is civilized behaviour to freshen up and dress up to go to school every morning;


It is civilized behaviour to listen carefully and think actively in class;


It is civilized behaviour to clean the blackboard and tidy up the desk before class;


It is civilized behaviour to think independently and write neatly when doing homework;


It is civilized behaviour to unite the students on campus and say hello to teachers;


It is civilized behaviour to queue up in public places and protect public property;


It is civilized behaviour to obey traffic rules and do not run the red light when crossing the road;


It is civilized behaviour to help others as much as you can when they are in trouble;


My dear students, there are much more civilized behaviour like these...


Civilized etiquette is a kind of quality, a kind of accomplishment, and a kind of behavior that is respected and widely praised by everyone, which can be found everywhere. Let us start with the little things around us, start from me, be civilized and keep the etiquette!


The trickle can merge into a river, so keep the etiquette can start from everyone! My dear fellows, lets join hands with our civilized etiquette for the creation of our beautiful campus! Best wishes for the 70th birthday of our motherland! May our great motherland be more prosperous!


He Xinling, and Luo Guizhong, students from class1 grade 10, and, Qin Qiuyu, a student from class 4 grade 10, recited a poem-- civilized etiquette start from meboth in English and Chinese.



civilized etiquette starts from me


Civilization is a flower,


A flower that smells sweet forever.


We use sincerity to irrigate, with enthusiasm to feed,


Let the flower of civilization blossom in your heart and mine.




Etiquette is a poem,


A fresh and elegant poem.


We melt with understanding, we soothe with love,


Let the poems of etiquette be eternally cherished in our hearts.


Bring others a smile;others give you infinite happiness.


Give others warmth; others give you a bright mood.


Bring others sincerity; others give you deep longing.


Give others humility;others give you respect.


学校规定都遵守, 见到老师有礼貌。

Follow the school rules; be polite to the teacher.

同学之间相友爱, 友谊之手牵的牢。

Be nice to the students; a strong bond of the friendship.

爱护公物放心上, 树立新风我做到。

Protect public property; build up new spirit.

文明用语挂嘴边, 诚恳友善待人好。

Speak civilized words; be honest and friendly.

衣着得体仪表靓, 方山校服最漂亮。

Be well-dressed; and our school uniform is the most beautiful one.

爱国守法学习好, 立志成才把国报。

Be patriotic and law-abiding; study hard to serve our motherland.




On the upcoming National Day, the whole country is going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. The economy is booming and the spiritual civilization is beginning to bear fruit. The era has been witnessing a faster China, a faster Asia and a faster world as well! Sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat. As the new generation of youth, we are obligated to shoulder the responsibility for raising the level of civilization. Everyones small step towards civilization fosters a big step of the whole society.  


We sail in the ocean of civilization with the youthful dream; we pursue the sun of civilization with the youthful faith. Etiquette is well worth a lifelong pursuit. Armed with civilization, everyone will have a beautiful and regretless life!





We are excellent students of NFLSFC,


We endorse the civility etiquette of the new era,


We congratulate on the 70th anniversary of our motherland.


On the heels of the wind it slips secretly into the night; silent and soft, it moistens everything.Civilized etiquette is the cornerstone of our study and growth.  It's everyone's responsibility and let's act from ourselves and from trifles, and let the flower of civilized etiquette bloom everywhere in our campus.

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