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课堂展风采 教研促发展 ——南外方山分校孙阳阳、岳磊、韦竞、刘海艳老师为湖南省“国培计划”教师培训班开设示范课

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9月23日,南京外国语学校方山分校孙阳阳、岳磊、韦竞、刘海艳老师为湖南省“国培计划”英语研修项目培训班的学员老师们开设了英语示范课。On September 23,Sun Yangyang,Yue Lei, Wei Jing,and Liu Haiyan, these fo ...



On September 23,Sun Yangyang, Yue Lei, Wei Jing, and Liu Haiyan, these four teachers of NFLSFC, gave English demonstration classes for the junior high school English teachers of the “National Training Program” in the grand venue.

小学部孙阳阳老师带来了朗文《Welcome to English (golden) 2a》第二单元《About me Part AB》部分的示范课。孙阳阳老师精心准备,课堂上信手拈来。以增强学生国家版图意识为着眼点,以北京、上海、南京等几个城市为主线,重点学习本课目标语言,而后又引入自然界动物的栖息地,既温故知新,又达到学习迁移的效果。情景设计恰到好处,教学内容由易到难、循序渐进,符合二年级学生的学习兴趣和语言习得特点。全体学生积极投入到课堂活动中,学生的语言产出量大、质量高,频频有语出惊人的语言产出,引起现场听课教师的连连称赞。全身反应法、情景交际法、项目式教学法等先进的教学理念,全英的语言环境,使课堂精彩纷呈,帮助学生们打开思路,训练思维,让学生越学越聪明,同时也给国培班的老师们留下深刻印象。

Sun Yangyang from the primary school gave a demonstration class -- About me Part AB (unit 2) from the Welcome to English (golden) 2a. Ms. Sun prepared carefully for the class and organized the activities smoothly. Focusing on raising students’ awareness national territory and taking Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities as the main lines, Ms. Sun focused on the target language of this lesson, and then introduced the habitat of natural animals, which was not only a way to learn something new by reviewing old things but also achieved the goal of transfer learning. The design of situational teaching is just right, and the teaching content starts from easy to difficult, in line with the learning interests and language acquisition characteristics of students in grade 2. All the students actively participated in the  activities. The students’ language output was large and was of high quality, which amazed the teachers on-spot and got a round of applause. The advanced teaching concepts such as TPR, situational communication method, and project-based teaching method and so on, and the English environment made the class colorful and helped students open their minds, train their thinking, and make students intelligently learn something and also leaved a deep impression on the teachers from “National Training Program”.

小学部岳磊老师讲授了朗文《Welcome to English (golden) 1a》第二单元《Nice to meet you Part AB》部分的内容。岳老师活泼亲切,她的课堂学生争先恐后。针对一年级孩子的心里特点,岳老师制作了精美的教具。在开放式导入环节,岳老师引入TPR字母操教学,极大调动了课堂的气氛。课堂核心教学过程中,岳老师尽可能让学生主动思考,增加学生语言运用灵活性。整个课堂中,通过演、说、唱这些孩子们喜闻乐见的形式,帮助孩子掌握知识之间的内在联系,最终实现英语这门学科独特的育人价值。

Ms.Yue of the primary school taught Welcome to English (golden) 1a in the second unit from Nice to meet you Part AB. Ms. Yue is lively and kind, and the students in her class were very active. Considering the psychological characteristics of the students in grade 1, Ms. Yue made beautiful teaching aids. During the teaching procedure of lead in, she introduced TPR alphabetic exercises, which greatly mobilized the atmosphere. During the core teaching procedure, she enabled the students to think actively and increase the flexibility of students’ language use. Ms. Yue helped students master the inner relationship between knowledge, and achieved the goal of educating people in English by playing, speaking, and singing.

初中部韦竞老师讲授的是《English in Mind Starter》第2 单元 《We’re a New Band》的听说教学。韦老师针对初一阶段的学情,坚持听说领先,读写跟上的原则,通过视频进行听前词汇障碍的扫除,然后是图片猜测培养学生听前预测策略,接下来是一听、二听和三听,每个环节任务的设计都以听和口头操练为主,层层递进,从词、句再到篇章。课上学生踊跃发言,气氛活跃。

Ms. Wei of junior high school taught the listening and speaking part of unit 2--We're a New Band, a passage from English in Mind Starter. In view of the situation in grade 7, Ms. Wei followed the principle of listening and speaking leading, reading and writing keeping abreast, and conducted the listening activity after letting the students enjoy a video to figure out the new words; and then she asked the students to guess pictures to develop students’ability to predict before listening; next, she let the students listen to the tape three times and  the design of each activity was based on listening and oral practice--from words, sentences to passages. The students in the class spoke enthusiastically and the atmosphere was  pleasant.

刘海艳老师将译林教材第二单元中文章《Life in a British School》和《English in Mind I》中课文《School clubs》结合进行了一次比较阅读。她以过去一年学生加入学校社团引入,创设学生将要去文章中这两所学校进行游学的情境,通过跟读录音,回答问题,详细阅读后完成文章思维导图,让学生对文章进行整体把握,引导学生对比两篇文章结构,对比不同校园文化以及探讨这些异同的原因,培养学生批判性思维,最后进行角色扮演,活跃课堂氛围。本节阅读课以思维导图为抓手,为英语教学以读促写起到了很好的示范作用。国培班老师们对学生积极的课堂表现赞不绝口。

Ms. Liu of junior school made a comparative reading by combining the passage Life in a British School in the second unit from Oxford English with the passage School club from English in Mind I. She led in by introducing that students had joined the school clubs  in the past year to create a situation that students would go to the two schools to study;  then she let the students read after the recording, answer the questions, and read for more details to complete the mind map of the passage; next she let the students understand the whole passage and guide them to compare the structure of two passages, compare different campus cultures and explore these similarities and differences so as to develop students’ ability of critical thinking; finally, she asked students to have a role play to activate classroom atmosphere. In this section, the reading lesson was based on the mind map, which played a great role in English teaching to promote writing ability by reading. The teachers of “National Training Program” praised the students’ positive performance in class.


At last, the four teachers gave lectures on their teaching philosophy and teaching plan, and had in-depth communication with the teachers of “National Training Program”. Ms. Sun introduced the “scenario-structure-communication” foreign language teaching in the primary school of our school, at which the teachers from Hunan were amazed. The demonstration classes of the four teachers won the praise of the teachers on the spot, and the four classes showed the demeanor of the teachers in our school and provided a platform for teachers to show, communicate and learn from each other.


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