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齐心协力狠抓教学 师生携手共同成长 ——南京外国语学校方山分校全力推进教育教学质量再提升

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今年是南京外国语学校方山分校教育教学质量攻坚年,为抓好课堂阵地,促进学生全面个性的发展,我校开展了一系列教研活动。下面就让小编带着大家看看今天学校里发生的教研故事……NFLSFC will pay more attention to ...


NFLSFC will pay more attention to education and teaching quality this year. in order to make the teaching quality better and promote the comprehensive development of studentspersonality, our school has carried out a series of teaching and research activities. Now let me show you the stories of teaching and research in today's school.


On September 26th, Zou Zheng, the principal of NFLS, came to senior high to attend lectures. He pointed out the direction for the improvement of education and teaching in our school. Principal Zhu Shanping, secretary Zhou Shidong, and vice principal Song Changjie also attended the lectures.In-depth classroom, guide classroom education and teaching, promote young teachers to accelerate professional growth, benefit Fangshan children.


Principal Zou Zheng came to senior high and attended lectures about Chinese and mathematics. Ms. Xiong of senior high taught the first text Front -- the unit of Where Is the Village, which was a compulsory course of senior high Chinese teaching edition. Ms. Xiong innovatively designed a course with pictures and texts according to the characteristics of photographic prose. She combined individual learningand group learningthrough task-based activities and she let the group representatives feelthe paintings and group members modifythe paintings, so that she could  make the abstract philosophy specific with the three nouns--home, road, frontand let the children find the change before reading and after reading. Finally, Ms. Xiong guided the children to transfer learning and experience intervention so as to help the children understand the text better and during the whole teaching procedures, the atmosphere is pleasant. Mr. Li of senior high taught the function monotonicity--the maximum of function. He took the temperature change diagram of one day as the model to let the student describe the definition of the maximum value of the function from the two aspects of shape and number. Through the example of finding the maximum value in the given interval of the quadratic function, the students can deepen their understanding of the maximum value and master the application of monotonicity. At the same time, considering the acceptance ability of high school students, Mr. Li paid attention to the training of studentsbasic knowledge and problem-solving norms when teaching, which was very impressive.


During the lecture, principal Zou Zheng carefully took notes and carefully observed every aspect of the teachersteaching procedures. After the lecture, he also had in-depth communication with the teachers, asking about teaching and other teaching-related situations, and provided valuable suggestions for teachersteaching reform and professional development.



Onthe afternoon of September 26, a teaching and research activity with the themeof classroom tour, pay attention to eachwas held in the junior high of NFLSFC.Teachers from the Project Center Group of Xuanwu, Nanjing, and teachers from HuangXiuwang famous teachers studio were invited to attend the event.


Firstly,Wu Tao from the Project Center Group of Xuanwu, Nanjing, gave the demonstrationclass the multiplication of rational numbers (1)". Mr. Wu started withfour progressive questions to guide students to think about the concept of multiplicationr,and continuously guided students to summarize mathematical rules through theirown language during teaching. What is worth mentioning was that Mr. Wu paid greatattention to every child during teaching, carried on the class inspection intime, and immediately presented it through the screen, which was helpful to givean effective feedback on the problems in studentsexercises. At the same time,students had mastered knowledge more firmly and the teaching was excellent.


Mr.Li, the academic leader of Xuanwu District, commented that Mr. Wus class was cleanand thoughtful. Mr. Li pointed out that classroom inspectionwas based on independentthinking of students, especially suitable for individualized and differentiatedteaching. Teachers do not always stand on the platform, but get close tostudents and pay attention to each child so as to maximize teacher-studentcommunication and improve teaching quality. Mr. Li emphasized that the classroominspectionneeds to be focused on two issues: one is to select what tocooperate and communicate in class, and the other is how to extend the spiritbehind the inspectionto other teaching behaviors. Mr. Li said that thehardware conditions of NFLSFC were really good, and the school had implementedsmall class teaching, which was right place and the right time. The teachersof our school make full use of this advantage, constantly explore and improveourselves in the course of teaching is to make the students get bettereducation.


Vice principal Li Xiaofu said thatface-to-face consultationwas a way to effectively improve the level ofmutual participation between teachers and students, and that the essence was toencourage students to think and pay attention to studentsprogress and growth.As for real class research, process and answers lie in the classroom itself. Theaim of classroom inspection is to pay attention to every student.



Onthe afternoon, Mr. Han of senior high gave drama demonstration class, whichattracted teachers and foreign teachers from different departments. This coursetaught by Mr. Han mainly aimed to enable students to learn how to expressdifferent feelings in English communication and learn how to achieve empathy. Duringteaching procedures, Mr. Han took various forms of interactive games as thecarrier, so that every student had the opportunity to show himself on thestage. At the same time, he also invited foreign teachers to participate in theactivity and made the shy students slowly become eager to try and learn in therelaxing and happy atmosphere. Mr. Hans innovative teaching methods was praisedby the teachers.


A series of teaching and research activities not only enable teachers to improve themselves, but also establish a platform for teachers to interact and communicate. Next, our school will continue to base itself on the teaching and to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of education and teaching.

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