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On September 27th, the first Grade 7 parentsmeeting was held at NFLSFC, with the topic of home-school cooperation for mutual growth. The meeting was presided over by Li Mingyan, the leader of Grade 7, with Principal Zhu Shanping, secretary Zhou Shidong, Vice Principal Li Xiaofu and Vice Principal Martin also in attendance.



Principal Zhu Shanping began the meeting by introducing the schools educational goal: To Educate our Students To Be Modern Talents With Chinese Soul And Global Vision.This means that our students are not only Chinese citizens, but also global citizens with global vision. Beyond this, students should be well-rounded, with accomplishments in not only in the academic subjects of science and humanties, but also in their beliefs, morals, self-esteem and self-development. Next, Zhu Shanping used Gardeners theory of multiple intelligences to explain the meaning behind childrens comprehensive literacy and the essential qualities required for intellectual development. She explained that children have various learning and developmental styles which impact upon said abilities. Being aware of these multiple intelligences will help to guide home-school cooperation to help students development. Principal Zhu Shanping also presented the blueprint for the overall structure of studentssubject knowledge during the course of their middle-school education. She further hopes that parents and schools will work together to cultivate studentsawareness of how attaining good marks, being competitive  and having national conciousness can help them be good students. She put forward requirements for students in terms of reading, exam skills, alongside their physical and mental health.It seemed that the parents gained a lot from attending the lecture. Just as the saying goes, There must be a use for my talent, and more scenery is in the dangerous peak,thus, Principal Zhu Shanping hopes to work together with parents to let the children live in our beautiful school.



Then, Vice Principal Martin gave a speech on the formation of studentsablity to carry out tasks for themselves and management ability. In the speech, he emphasized the importance of cultivating studentsability to carry out tasks of their own accord. He also hopes that parents are able to balance the time given to prescriptive, planned activities and non-prescriptive, child-led activities. He added that parents should focus on developing childrens time management and self-guidance ability during family education.



Next, Vice Principal Li Xiaofu gave his views of managers, teachers and parents, and used three educational stories as an example to emphasize the nourishing effectsof family education. He also gave evidence-based suggestions regarding issues that may be encountered in family education. He hopes that parents will pay attention to what their children need to grow, will be less critical and give more positive encouragement. It is not only time, energy and money that we invest in childrens education; sometimes the smaller things in life can be educational opportunities. Parents should enrich their childrens life. They must first look at themselves, solve their own issues, look closely at themselves and transfer their own misgivings to their children. Parents should also strive to act reasonably and wisely when dealing with family or home-school relationships.



At the end of the meeting, Li Mingyan, the leader of Grade 7 gave a special report on the studentsfirst month at NFLSFC. Ms. Li began by introducing a day in the life of the students and teachers, and showing how the students and teachers are growing together. The report covered the many fulfilling aspects of studentslives on campus, illustrating their lessons, sports and extra-curricular activities. It also showed teachersefforts to guide studentslearning, in their professional development and as home-room teachers. In the report, Ms. Li also described the smaller achievements made by teachers and students since the beginning of term such as developing writing habits, acquiring life-skills, regulating study habits, and noting the importance of exercise. The report also focused on the implementation of the schools environmental educationpolicy, and showed gratitude for teachers dedication to various school and grade-level events.


We believe that by building upon a solid foundation of cooperation between home and school, and with the joint efforts of teachers and students, the students will be able to learn and develop their fullest potential at NFLSFC.

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