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I.Natural environment: Eastern Eton, picturesque garden like Tsing Hua


The overall architecture style of NFLSFC is in the English style – beautiful, elegant, spacious, and bright.  


Like enclosed gardens, the building complex of kindergarten and primary school are located in the middle and back part of the campus. This tranquil and independent area provides a safe, spacious, and bright forestry environment for young children to grow and learn.


There are junior high school, senior high school and international high school teaching buildings within the high school building complex, surrounding the landscape avenue and cherry blossom avenue in axial symmetry. After class, students may wander through the landscape avenue, look up at the knowledge dome at the end of the road and enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms. The soft wind, sparkling lake, and pure lilies make up the beautiful scene for students to enjoy during the break.


With regard to public areas, there are learning, sporting, and living space such as the library, the international culture center, STEM+ teaching building, Boya Art Center, auditorium, Black Box theaters, cinema, gym, stadium, dormitory, cafeteria, and much more besides.




II. Fully equipped campus with state-of-the-art teaching facilities


The school boasts state-of-the-art teaching facilities, including the most advanced  smart whiteboard set in each classroom to facilitate smart teaching. Besides the normal teaching buildings, there are comprehensive buildings for the primary and middle schools with special classrooms or labs for such subjects as music, dancing, fine arts, informatics, biology, chemistry, and physics. Besides, the Boya Art Center and STEM+ Center also possess fully-equipped functional classrooms, including piano rooms, a pottery studio, a calligraphy classroom, a drama classroom, a chess classroom, a model UN classroom, a future navigator classroom, an iPad lab, a bionic robot lab, a Lego innovation lab, an AI lab, an informatics lab, a mathematical modelling lab, a digital geography lab, an aeronautics and space lab, a VR holograph lab, a future material lab, and a quantum science lab.


One main library for the whole school and separate reading rooms for each department provide an enormous amount of book collections, diverse reading materials as well as spacious reading environment for both teachers and students to read according to their interests, broaden their horizons, as well as develop interests in various subjects and directions.



III.  Recreational facilities, rich in type and professional in standard


A theater with a capacity of up to 1,000 people is well equipped with professional audio-visual devices. Moreover, a film projection hall and two black box theaters with a variety of media projection modes support various school activities.

学校小学部和中学部各有一个体育场和体育馆。体育场配有奥运会同等品质的塑胶跑道,以及通过国际足联最高等级FIFA QUALITY PRO认证的足球场。还有数个室外篮球场、网球场、羽毛球场、乒乓球场,体育馆内有数个篮球场、网球场、羽毛球场、健身房,还有一个恒温游泳池。我校所有场馆均面向全校师生免费开放,并配有专业人员指导。让师生在学习、工作之余放松身心,强身健体。

Both primary school and middle school have one stadium and one gymnasium each. The stadium is equipped with the plastic runway of the same quality as the Olympic Games and a football pitch which has passed FIFA QUALITY PRO certification. Outdoor and indoor basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts as well as a constant temperature swimming pool are free to teachers and students under the guidance of professional coaches. The teaching faculty and students can all work out, strengthen their bodies and relax after study and work.         



IV. Accommodations: cozy and comfortable, green and safe


As a full-time boarding school, we provide cozy and comfortable, well-equipped living conditions to make students feel at home.


In terms of diet, there is one cafeteria each for the primary school and middle school. Nutritionists are hired to design and match the nutrition for three daily meals. The ingredients are green and healthy, and the tasty Chinese and Western  cuisines ensure the healthy growth of each student.    


All the indoor areas of NFLSFC are equipped with a central ventilation system to provide fresh and clean air for students, even on a hazy and foggy day.