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2021年5月12-13日,全国著名语文特级教师余映潮先生应柳咏梅名师工作室之邀莅临我校讲学指导。From May 12 to 13, Yu Yingchao, a well-known, highly-qualified and talented Chinese teacher, came to NFLSFC to d ...



From May 12 to 13, Yu Yingchao, a well-known, highly-qualified and talented Chinese teacher, came to NFLSFC to deliver a series of teacher training activities at the invitation of the “Liu Yongmei Distinguished Teacher Working Group”.


On the afternoon of May 12th, Mr. Yu gave a wonderful lecture entitled "Enhancing the academic background, practicing hard teaching ability- A brief on the growth of outstanding teachers". All faculty and Chinese teachers from other schools gathered in the lecture hall to learn and enjoy the lecture hosted by Liu Yongmei, director of the Teaching and Research Management Center and leader of the Chinese Department.



At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Yu Yingchao cut into the topic with "What kind of person is an excellent teacher" and clarified the standards of an excellent teacher clearly -"People who love learning, people with strong determination, people with clear goals, people with rich accumulation and talents, and people who are refined and skilled". Next, based on his own experience, Mr. Yu started a talk on "Eight Angles for Teachers to Strive", pointing out the direction for young teachers and what young teachers should do: use the "whole repetition” method to improve their textbook comprehension; use the “detailed teaching plan” method to improve their teaching design ability; use the “optimize details” method to improve your classroom teaching ability; use the “accumulate examples” method to improve your in-depth guidance ability; use the “classification and refinement” method improve your ability to study test questions; use the "thousand-character short theory" method to improve your essay writing ability; use the "special research" method to enhance your subject teaching and research ability; and use the "case creation" method to enhance your ability to sustain development. On the question of "how to develop oneself", Mr. Yu emphasized that "respect yourself is motivated". Teachers must train themselves and maintain the dignity of work. It is important to observe oneself in the process of personal growth, that is, to "enhance your academic background."


In the part of "My Growth Story", Mr. Yu talked about his experience of studying as a child, sharing his experience of studying in high school, delegating to a rural private teacher when he was young, and then seizing the opportunity to struggle to enter a public school. The teachers at the venue were deeply touched. Mr. Yu suggested that young teachers should "read professional magazines and make reading notes", and showed everyone his reading card photos over the years. From the yellowed cards, we saw a figure who is racing against time, studying hard day and night. This is the "dream chaser" who has concentrated on research! It is precisely because of years of solid study and steadfast work that Mr. Yu has created so much worthy works and has excellent students all over the world. All teachers were deeply impressed by Yu's diligence and perseverance.


Because of his early research habits and special studies on famous teachers, Mr. Yu has accumulated a large number of teaching cases, the so-called "having a hill in his chest", which laid a solid foundation for later development. Today, Mr. Yu has published nearly 2,000 teaching articles and 20 monographs in various professional newspapers and magazines. Mr. Yu Yingchao has repeatedly emphasized that "hardening teaching skills" is the foundation of teachers' growth. He shared his arduous journey on his academic research. The book "100 Commentaries on Chinese Teaching Practices in Middle Schools" took him 7 years. The pictures of the wall covered with papers in Mr. Yu Yingchao's study left all teachers a deep impression.


Mr. Yu also shared the background of the “block-style” thinking and the academic insights of the “main problem” design, as well as his experience of being a teacher at the age of 50. Over the years, Mr. Yu has devoted himself to teaching Chinese and learning, given speeches, helped early-career teachers to develop through “Distinguished Teacher Working Group”, and shared his teaching and research achievements selflessly. “The phenomenon of Yu Yingchao” has become a beautiful scenery of Chinese education. He has inspired teachers and make the Chinese classes more charming and rich in Chinese characteristics.


In addition, Mr. Yu gave a speech on “teaching ability” and emphasized the importance. Excellent teaching ability can make the classes more efficient and make students engaged. For example, the case of “The Horseshoe in Tang Poetry” is interesting, which reflects the essence of Mr. Yu’s research. It also confirms that an excellent teacher’s development is related to “enhancing the academic background and improving teaching skills.”


Mr. Yus speech was met by a round of applause.



Principal Zhu Shanping gave an enthusiastic speech expressing her heartfelt thanks to Mr. Yu for his visit and guidance. She hoped that all NFLSFC teachers could keep the guidance in mind and put it into practice to further improve educational outcomes and teaching practices and make consistent efforts to educate the students to be modern talents with Chinese soul and global vision.


Every teacher will be confused and distressed. The path to development is bumpy and even thorny. But Yu Yingchao, who still purses his dreams and determines to teach at least until 85 years old, saying “take one step and then another”, told us that as long as we strengthen our academic background and further improve teaching practices, everything will come naturally!